Birth & Postpartum Doulas

Heather Sudduth

Heather Sudduth has been supporting families in and around Cleveland Ohio since 2014. Being a doula has been a long-time goal of hers since the birth of her first daughter in 1999. She first trained to be a Labor Doula, then shortly after added Postpartum Doula work to her repertoire. Providing her community with unconditional nurturing and expert support during some of the most important days of families’ lives is one of her goals. Her genuine friendly and gentle nature helps her clients to feel a sense of peace and calmness through a time that can often feel hectic and scary. 

Working cohesively alongside the Cleveland areas hospitals nursing staff, OB’s and Midwives, Heather has built an impeccable reputation for herself and her company, Flora & Finn Birth Services. Her professionalism, approach to teamwork and the unbiased support of her laboring clients has put her on the top of many care providers list of favorite doulas to refer to their patients.

Heather’s attunement to her clients during the postpartum period is apparent while working one on one with families in their homes. Her gentleness and nonjudgmental way of caring for her clients combined with her laid back personality give security to her clients and they look forward to their time with her. Heather has received many compliments on how she cares for the family during any pediatrician and lactation appointments. She allows the parent to find what works best for them and their families while giving options and educating them when asked to do so.

Heather Sudduth, Owner – Flora & Finn Birth Services,
ProDoula Certified Elite Birth and Postpartum Doula,

Taylor Rush

Welcoming a new child into the world is one of the most challenging and empowering things a family can do. Having someone there to provide unwavering support and knowledge would have been invaluable to me when I first became a mother. I realized the importance of a doula while attending the birth of my niece. The presence of someone who is able to support you physically, mentally, and emotionally can have a tremendous impact on how you feel about your birth experience. Everyone births and parents differently and it is my job to support you in that journey however you need it. It would be an absolute honor to support you and your family as you start your journey!

While at home, I enjoy spending time with my husband, our sons, and our doggo. I also enjoy starting way too many knitting projects and binge-watching Hulu and Netflix.

Taylor Rush, Certified Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator

Becki Adams

Becki is a mom to four unique, creative, sometimes wild, amazing kiddos. Becki’s journey with birth and caring for her children fueled her desire to become a doula. She has firsthand experience with premature infants, multiples, special needs, cesarean birth, and VBAC. Her own unique experiences have allowed her to develop the skills and passion to support any family. Becki is passionate about helping families gain the confidence they need to feel empowered and secure. In addition to being a doula, Becki is also a certified yoga and meditation teacher, and a licensed cosmetologist.

In her free time, Becki enjoys spending time in nature, reading, creating art, cooking, baking, and practicing yoga.

Becki Adams, Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Katrina Pearson

I’ve been told I have a very kind and giving personality, which is a gift that comes in very handy while being a doula! My clients know that I will care for them as if they were my own family and as a team. I am committed to providing my clients with nonjudgemental support so that they can enjoy their birth experience and have the confidence needed to enter parenthood on the right foot. I am delighted to help families through their pregnancy, birth and parenting journeys!

I enjoy spending time with my two children, my granddaughter, and my large extended family. Dancing, reading mystery novels and going places with my friends and family keep me busy and happy!

Katrina Pearson, Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula

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